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Investigating Site Bans

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So you’ve bought a new domain and built a new shiny site on it but no matter what you do you can’t get it indexed by Google? Congratulations, most likely your domain has been banned due to something the previous owner did with it! And before you read any further, let me tell you that I’m in the same boat with you – at the time I got this domain, it’s been banned. It wasn’t due to what I did with it but it’s been banned before I acquired it.

You might be wondering at this point, you didn’t buy your domain off the previous owner but simply registered it with a registrar – how come it was banned before you bought it? Well, domains that were owned by somebody but then expired won’t show up as belonging to somebody else at the point when you’re buying them. Most often, if it has expired a good while ago, you won’t even see anything pertaining to the previous owner in the whois check and/or history. There is also Google search and there might be cached pages if you’re lucky – but if a domain doesn’t show up during Google search it migth mean two things – either it’s never been used – or it’s been banned. Even the Wayback Machine doesn’t help in some cases – you might see a domain saved in it but nothing showing when checking to see the saved versions.
How and why do domains get banned? – It’s a common practice of Google to kick the sites it doesn’t like for different reasons out of their index. However, once you’ve determined that your site has been banned there are ways to get it back into the index, though it takes some skill to do it right.

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