Monday, February 27th, 2006...11:50 am

Blogging for Links and Traffic

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Today I did a class on blogging for getting links/ targeted traffic / building authority. As I was preparing for that class, I thought it would be more effective to just give people a few links to stuff they can read instead of just talking about it when others have already said it better than I can. Morever, I thought it’d make sense to post these links here as they would be of interest for anyone interested in blogging for SEO purposes and who might not know much about it.

So here goes the ultimate blogging tips list:

1. Linkbait types
2. More on linkbait
3. What to write/not to write in a blog
4. How to engage readers with titles
5. Blogging for beginners – a whole series of articles
6. Blogging tips to get on bloggers A list
7. More on what to blog about
8. Tips for attracting more comments

P.S. Just as I finished the class i have noticed something new and useful posted on ProBlogger – 10 techniquest for finding blog readers. This I think is some very good stuff – except for #2, tell me whatever you will but I have seen Ezine Articles become the industry’s biggest spam in the last half a year with nobody but scrapers reading articles posted there – so I’d make it top 9 list and drop #2.

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