Monday, April 6th, 2009...12:47 pm

Directory Marketing Reborn Ebook Update Soon Out

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It’s been one month since the release of my Directory Marketing Reborn ebook. It’s been a great success, with over 4,000 visits from almost 100 countries and 600 cities. Over 200 copies sold in the very first month and a number of plausible reviews from the industry authorities. Out of all these copies sold, we’ve only had one refund – and the person who asked for it provided us with useful feedback which will help us improve the ebook.

Does this ebook work? I believe those of you who have bought it have had a chance to test it yourselves by using the techniques described in it to promote your own sites. But just to back it up, here is one more bit of proof it works. I have used the same techniques described in the ebook to promote the site where I offer it. Some four thousand people have found it, and arrived to my sales page. If that’s not a measure of a search engine visibility of a month-old product, I don’t know what is.

On April 15, we will be releasing an updated and reviewed Directory Marketing Reborn, as well as the promised free bonus tool to facilitate your online marketing efforts. As I promised, those who have purchased the book are entitled to lifetime free updates every time I release a new edition.

Those of you who have purchased the book – we’d love to hear your feedback. While some nice amounts of hysterical praise are always welcome, we’d certainly love to her what you did or did not like in our book. Have you tried the method? How well did it work for you? What would you like to be clarified?

Those of you who have not done so yet – don’t let anything stop you. No need to wait for the new release. Get your copy now so you, too, could have a say in what you want to see in the new update. And don ‘t forget to subscribe to the newsletter so you can be the first to know about all the further updates and developments!


  • While I mainly bought the book for the loooooooong list of directories (upon Fantomaster’s recommendation), I think the book in itself is a good piece of work.

    I would suggest if you can roll out the bonus directory list in a CSV or any Excel-supported format, that would be great and would look more clean and easy to handle.

    Also, I didn’t like the merchant service you used. Living in Pakistan, we don’t usually use much credit cards and don’t have paypal support here. I do have a Debit card but I wasn’t able to use it. I face this issue everywhere but the story doesn’t end here.
    I asked another colleague to do the purchase on my behalf and he told me he had to waste a lot of time, and had to order twice as couldn’t confirm first time due to busy schedule. Phone confirmation, this, that, for a mere $20 order.

    But again, I am more than satisfied overall.

  • Affan – thank you for your feedback, I will consider reformatting the directory list, not sure I would be able to do it for this coming release but in the future I am definitely going to work on it.

    As for payment options – do you have any suggestions? We chose Plimus because it can handle both credit cards and Paypal as well as other payment options. It is kinda difficult to cater to all countries but if you know of any other options we would be willing to consider them.