Tuesday, May 4th, 2010...5:27 pm

Directory Marketing with a Shortcut

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I am happy to announce the new release of the Directory Marketing Reborn ebook – the pagerank update happened in April (uh oh, Google tends to do it once a month now it seems) and here you go.

What’s new in this release:

  • a reviewed list of directories with updated pageranks (of course!)
  • I have added more discount codes for paid directories and now you get nice deals on a total of 6 directories – and I keep negotiating more all the time
  • I have added a section on how to decide whether you need a link from a particular directory – and I’m currently working on a tool to automate this. The tool will be made available to those who purchase(d) the ebook for free.
  • as always, I am listening to my readers’ suggestions – Jeffrey Behrendt of AvivaDirectory mentioned in his lovely review of my ebook that it would be helpful to list the best directories – which I do by including a cheat sheet of 15 powerful, established directories to help any webmaster quickly decide what to start with. Let me know if you are happy with it or if I should change anything about this list.

I got more suggestions from my readers than I could implement in this release – but rest assured, I keep working on improvements of my product. Your feedback, as usual, is much appreciated.

Reminding all my current customers to check their email for the update information – and if you haven’t yet purchased the Directory Marketing ebook feel free to do it now.

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