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SMX Social Experiment: Emergency Tweets

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While at SMX London, I’ve heard all kinds of interesting stuff including a lot of talk about the importance of social signal and interaction on social media sites. I agree this is very important, especially aft the Penguin, but how well can your message be delivered to your audience? Here is a little practical test I ran. I had this very real problem today and posted this tweet (mind you, I appear in the top tweets for #smx and get a lot of retweets:

Do you think a single person noticed it or replied or anything? Not a single one. I guess I could have added “please RT” to increase my chances for exposure, but whatever… Yet, I wonder, how many pharma affiliates are in the same room with me? Yet they cannot provide me with what they sell for a living because, well, they don’t notice my tweet. The flow of tweets in the #sem hash tag is so rapid that any information not directly related to the main topic gets lost unnoticed. Which is also something hash tag spammers should keep in mind (I tend to see quite a few of them during every conference, probably same for any other hash tag events).

The moral of this story is also what they say about mobiles: do not rely on your mobile for emergency calls, use a landline as a more stable and reliable solution. I guess in this case I shouldn’t have relied on Twitter but should have just run around the room asking people.

Oh, and btw as for my headache, I’ve got a bit distracted from it with all the cool presentations running here but still need a pill so if you do have one please please help. Please RT!

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