Saturday, March 28th, 2020...12:40 pm

Obligatory COVID-19 Message

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At this unprecedented time in our history when every single company you ever had any dealings with is filling your inbox with coronavirus related messages, regardless of whether or not it has anything to do with their activities, I decided instead to post my message here, although it may go against my own advice. Anyway, here’s what I have to say to whoever will read this.

To all those with online presence, here is my message:

Keep Calm and Improve Your Site

And to all those without online presence whose business needs to survive in these difficult times, I say:

Keep Calm and Get Online

Don’t be afraid, you will figure it out. You have been brave enough to start and run a brick-and-mortar business in the first place, something I would most likely never have the courage to do. You will evolve and survive. This is scary and difficult and perhaps you’ve never been in this position before, but it’s not impossible. If you need help or just want feedback for your ideas, I’m here to listen.

If anyone finds these posters inspiring and wants to use them anywhere, feel free to do so as long as you credit me (ideally, with a link).

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