Site Analysis / SEO Audit

SEO audit should be your first step if you're considering hiring me for a full-cycle SEO campaign. However, it does not tie you up to me and if, after obtaining your site analysis report, you decide to continue working with some other SEO or running your SEO campaign yourself it's up to you.

The purpose of the site analysis is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your site, areas for improvement, obtain basic information about your market and your competition and other data that serves to work out your SEO strategy. I also offer site audit for the purposes of site monetary value estimate.

My fee for SEO audit depends on the site size and starts from £1,500. As a result of it you will get a report detailing the results of the audit and 2 hours live consulting with me, typically over Skype.

Prior to ordering your site's SEO audit please contact me for a quote and to confirm my availability and provide the details of your site and specific needs for the analysis if you have any.

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