Link Audit

If you are 100% sure your site's problems have been caused by links and nothing else is causing them or you have already identified all the other issues and are taking care of them, this service is for you. Otherwise, what you need is an SEO security audit.

The purpose of the link audit is to analyse your complete link profile and identify the potential risks. Keeping a clean and strong link profile had always been important for sites pursuing a long term strategy but after Google has rolled out its Penguin update and keeps refreshing it every now and then, the risks associated with links turned even more real.

If your company is outsourcing any SEO services you need to be sure your outsourced contractors are not going to hurt your site by anything they do. If you have been running your site's SEO yourself/inhouse, you still might want to make sure you are not doing currently or have done in the past anything that can cause your site a traffic loss in the future.

If the link audit is done after an unnatural link warning email from Google, it will help you identify the links that caused that warning so you know what links to remove without removing any good links along the way. Google does not let you know which links are "unnatural" so it is your job to pinpoint and remove them, and guesswork without solid experience in link evaluation and link audits can become costly. Remember that removing or disavowing the wrong links can do nothing to improve your site's rankings at best and make your problems worse in the worst case.

With 16 years of experience in SEO, I have seen all kinds of links, from the cleanest to the spammiest ones. As you might know, I have also had experience in using different blackhat techniques so I understand first hand what can be identified by Google as spammy, what violates the guidelines and what can cause problems. I can tell the whole story of a site just by looking at its link profile. If you need to hire me for a link audit, feel free to contact me to discuss your project and get a free quote.

UPDATE: If you're interested in ongoing monitoring of your site's backlink profile please see this link audit subscription offer.

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