Monthly Recurring Link Audit by Subscription

Link audit is an activity that should be taking place regularly and not just once when a penalty has already happened. Monthly link audits are the only way to ensure you are not acquiring any links that may hurt you or you are not about to fall victim to negative SEO.

A thourough link audit can pinpoint your existing problems and potential risks but you shouldn't stop at that. Keeping an eye on your new links (or suddenly disappearing old links) gives you a lot of advantage your competitors who do not do this will not have. Having the current information about your links is extremely empowering - it can also save you money you might otherwise waste on poorly performing or potentially risky links.

The initial link audit I will run for your site will provide a comprehensive overview of your existing link profile. Each following month, for just 1/5 of the initial fee, I will run an audit of all your newly acquired links as well as your newly lost links. Quite a few agencies and consultants offer link audits as a service but as far as I know, nobody is offering a long term subscription based service wiht monthly audits - so each time you hire somebody to run a link audit you end up paying the same fee. In case of sites with large link profiles, this can add up quickly.

With 14 years of experience in SEO, I have seen all kinds of links, from the cleanest to the spammiest ones. I "read" link profiles for fun and can tell a lot by just looking at them. By hiring me, you get a unique opportunity to stay better informed about your backlinks and reduce your penalty risks as you are able to make decisions and act immediately based on fresh data. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, feel free to contact me to discuss your project and get a free quote.

NOTE: This offer will last until my hands are full of these ongoing monthly audits so hurry before I run out of free spots - first come first served.

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